Toobz is a 3D Shoot'em up game, developed with C++ and DirectX, that takes place within a government controlled wormhole. I helped create it with a group of classmates for Foundations of 3D Programming, one of my capstone classes at RIT. The premise of the game is that the player is one of the last independant smugglers, and he has cargo that if delivered will bring down the central government. The game was based on a similar idea that I had which involved being on the outside of a cylinder instead.

I was tasked with the art, though during the earlier phases of the developement cycle I created many of the base classes used later on. I also developed a console system which allowed basic access to objects and to run functions on the fly. I created all the non-3D artwork and wrote the HLSL shaders for the wormhole.


  • HLSL Shaders
  • Art Design