The ModEngine is a modular, hybrid, Raytracing-Rasterization engine. The concept behind it is to run raytracing on all models close to the player's camera, or in focus, while running a basic rasterization on all other models. The rasterization render can be used as a reflection map for all objects that are being ray traced.

Though this engine isn't practical at the current time, parallel computing is going to become the next step in hardware. This is obvious through the developements pushed out for high thread GPUs by companies like nVidia, and the development of many-core CPUs in research environments around the world. So my idea was to develop an engine that would become usable as soon as the technology started to be available, and automatically scale as the technology became faster.

At this point the ModEngine can render models through DirectX and OpenCL. I am currently working on increasing raytracing speeds. And so far have gained over 10000% speed increases, using my basic Raytracer as a starting point. I am currently able to render 20k polygon models at under .4 seconds. And from my research there are many other improvements which should allow me to get even better speeds.


  • DirectX Rendering
  • OpenCL & CPU RayTracing
  • SAH-BVH Tree Generation
  • Recursive BVH Traversal
  • Modular Design Structure