Block Man


Block Man is a 2D puzzle platformer, my group developed for Foundations of 2D Programming, one of RIT's capstone classes. The goal is to use the world blocks to traverse through the levels to the end goal flag. There are a large number of block types, each with different properties, such as weight, friction etc. Block Man also contains non-block based enemies that attempt to stop the player from reaching his goal.

Block Man features the Box2D physics engine and was developed in DirectX and C++. I was in charge of creating and managing all aspects of the Levels, from loading to creation. I developed a highly customizable Flash level creator, and binary level format. I was also tasked to manage the dynamic loading and unloading of all the blocks within the game. Upon completing the level portion of the game I focused on helping create extra non-static objects such as ferris wheels and swings. And nearing the completion of the game, I managed bug fixes and polishing for the final presentation.


  • Box2D Physics Engine
  • Binary Level Format
  • Dynamic Level Management